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FAQ by Travellers Visiting Valparai: A Review

Valparai: A Least- Visited Wildlife Destination In Western Ghat Valparai (3400ft), a hill station approximately 100 km from Coimbatore, is a lesser-known destination in the Western Ghats for nature enthusiasts in South India. It is a beautiful tea plantation town flanked by the Annamalai National Park and the Parambikkumam Tiger Reserve. Popular travel platform Pally […]

FAQ By Nature Travellers Visiting Athirappally

A Guide To Nature Travellers To Athirappally in Kerala Athirappally is the closest Western Ghats experience you can get when you visit Kochi (COK). Kochi or Cochin is a famous seafront cultural and heritage travel destination located in central Kerala. If you are a nature lover or interested in spending a weekend amidst nature, Athirappally, […]

FAQ By Nature and Adventure Travellers Visiting Kerala

A Guide To Explore Wildlife of Kerala Geography and Biodiversity of Kerala. Kerala is a state in southwestern India that is popular among nature enthusiasts. It features the Western Ghats mountain range, beaches on the Arabian Sea, and backwaters. The terrain contains a wide range of plants and animals; hence it is a good place […]

FAQ By Nature & Adventure Travellers Visiting India

A Guide to Explore India for Nature Travellers Everyone knows that India is a land of incredible diversity. The same virtue is also reflected in its bio-diversity. From lush forests to majestic western ghats mountains to the great Kumaon hills of the Himalayas, India offers many opportunities to see exotic wildlife and abundant avian life. […]

FAQ by Adventure & Nature Travellers Visiting Tamil Nadu

FAQ by Travellers Visiting Tamil Nadu Though Tamil Nadu is known for its rich Dravidian heritage, mightily classical kingdoms and magnificent temples, many must understand that the state has a few top-of-the-line wildlife and nature adventure travel destinations for explorers. Ooty, Masanagudi and Valparai are the most visited among them. This blog will discuss the […]

FAQ Asked by Nature Travellers Visiting Munnar

Munnar: The Gateway to the Wonders of Western Ghats Munnar holds a special place on the Kerala map, nestled gracefully along the western slopes of the Western Ghats. The Munnar Hills emerge as a favoured sanctuary during the summer months, beckoning local travellers from nearby regions like Cochin. It is also a centre of tea […]

Best Angling (Hobby Fishing) Destinations In Tamil Nadu

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Angling, or hobby fishing, has gained significant popularity in recent years in Tamil Nadu, especially among young people. We  encountered a group of anglers from Chennai during one of our recent expeditions to Ooty who came only for angling. They were armed with modern fishing rods and gadgets and passionately casting their lines in a […]

India’s Top Five Tiger Safari Reserves

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Encountering Tigers in the Wild: Exploring India’s Top Tiger Reserves Most travellers visiting India dream about seeing two things: The one and only Taj Mahal and a Royal Bengal Tiger. Both are precious and majestic. This blog discusses the essential factors you should know about Tigers and India’s best Tiger sighting locations. We considered accessibility, […]

Manus Island: The Last Frontier for Adventure Travel in Papua New Guinea.

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How to Explore Manus Island in Papua New Guinea Since 2014, I have visited various remote locations in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for my photography assignments. During my most recent wildlife photography trip to PNG, I had the opportunity to visit Manus Island, an island not normally included in travel itineraries. Manus is a hidden […]

Angling Destinations In Kerala for Adventure Travellers

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How to Explore Kerala for Angling  If your main purpose for the trip is fishing, I would not suggest going to Kerala; spending your vacation in Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh would be better. Kerala, a small state on the southwestern coast of India, is a wonderful destination that offers a mix of backwaters, lush landscapes, […]