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Cheer Pheasants Of Munsiyari

Photograph of a male Cheer pheasant crossing a road in Munsiyari, India

Cheer Pheasants While planning a birding photography trip, many of us will have a specific bird in mind that we desire to photograph. During my first-ever central Himalayan birding trip in 2013, it was the Cheer Pheasant. I just missed the bird at Pangot in the Kumaon hills on the second day of the trip. […]

Where to Go To See Birds In India I Indian Pitta Trail

Photograph of an Indian Pitta

The Indian Pitta is a rare and colorful bird species found in India. It breeds in the foothills of the Himalayas and migrates to southern India and Sri Lanka during winter. In the past, people used to hunt these birds using crude bird snares for food and feathers, but hunting and bird trapping are now […]

Great Indian Hornbills & Other Hornbill Facts

A beautiful photograph of a Great Indian Hornbill flying.

As a bird enthusiast, I am thrilled to share my knowledge and experience with fellow birdwatchers planning a trip to India to spot the beautiful Great Indian Hornbill. These beautiful creatures are also called concave-casqued hornbill, great Indian hornbill, and great pied hornbill. Here are some frequently asked questions and tips to help you plan […]