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Cheer Pheasants Of Munsiyari

Photograph of a male Cheer pheasant crossing a road in Munsiyari, India

Cheer Pheasants While planning a birding photography trip, many of us will have a specific bird in mind that we desire to photograph. During my first-ever central Himalayan birding trip in 2013, it was the Cheer Pheasant. I just missed the bird at Pangot in the Kumaon hills on the second day of the trip. […]

Blood Pheasant – Bird Watching In Bhutan.

Photo of a male Blood pheasant

It happens to birders all the time. Sometimes, a bird that everyone quickly sees can remain dipped for you for an extended period. For me, the Blood Pheasant was that bird. By the time I found this stout male in Bhutan in 2017, I had been looking for it in various parts of the Himalayas […]