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Is Birdwatching a Perfect Hobby for Children?

Photo of children watching birds in the open

How can we encourage our children and grandchildren to spend more time outside the home? Spending too much time on the Internet is causing emotional and physical stress in children. Parents worldwide have been trying to find ways to keep their children away from mobile gadgets and computer games. Unfortunatly we parents often fail in […]

Is bird Watching A Healthy Outdoor Activity?

Photo of a healthy girl with a binocular in her hands doing birdwatching

It is. Let me explain why! I recently went to see a friend and his family. When I was about to leave, his wife, who is always a soft-spoken and contented lady, asked me the same question that I put in the title. I picked up on the seriousness and urgency of her question right […]

Birding for Beginners ?

Photo of a group of birdwatchers on the filed watching birds

According to the USFWS, approximately 46.7 million Americans self-identify as birdwatchers. Although we do not have reliable data from various countries worldwide on this topic, the US numbers are staggering. The hobby is now gaining popularity by the day. Birding was once thought to be a retirement activity.  A typical birdwatcher is mostly depicted as […]