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Ten Best Birding Destinations in India

Birding Locations in India

Facebook Instagram Pinterest The incredible diversity of India is also well reflected in its wildlife richness. As a birder, your challenge is accessing these creatures’ remote habitats to observe them. Traversing India by road can be daunting and exhausting with its vast size. From local challenges to regulatory and operational hurdles, venturing out to explore […]

Top Five Trekking Trails of Tamil Nadu

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Five Beautiful Forest Hikes To Explore the Beauty and Culture of Tamil Nadu  Travellers visit the Southern state of Tamil Nadu in India to experience the cultural heritage and see grand temples. Nonetheless, we are glad to add here that the state can also offer you some of the best treks in South India. So, […]

Top Trekking Places In Kerala

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Three Top Hiking Trails In Kerala Kerala has stunning western ghats mountain ranges running through its eastern borders. It offers nature lovers and adventure travellers some of the best hiking opportunities. This blog discusses the Agastyakoodam Trek, Chembra Trail and the famous Meesapulimala Trek. It includes where it is, how to get there, the main […]

How To Manage Leeches In Indian Forests?

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A Survival Guide for Birdwatchers and Wildlife Explorers Encountering leeches is often a part of the thrill and excitement of exploring new territories for birdwatchers and wildlife explorers in India. However, bleeding from the wound for an extended period may scare some people. Leech bites can be itchy but rarely necessitate medical attention. This blog […]

Birds and Wildlife of Valparai in Western Ghats

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Valparai near Coimbatore is a seldom-visited hill station in the Western Ghats, known for its wildlife and bird-watching opportunities. But, from my experience exploring nature in Valparai, I can tell you that it is an excellent place for birding and wildlife watching, including the western ghat’s endemics. In this blog, I will explain how to […]

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

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Why is Thattekkad the Prime Birding Destination In South India? Thattekad, also known as the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, is an Important Birding Area (IBA) and an endemic rich haven for bird lovers in the Indian state of Kerala. This protected area covers 25 square kilometres and is around the banks of river Periyar. The […]

Which are the best locations in Kerala to see Birds And Wildlife?

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Five Best Places In Kerala  For Birds And Wildlife  If you are a nature lover, birdwatcher, or wildlife photographer, no place like Kerala can offer you a wide variety of wildlife in south India. Kerala, India’s southernmost state, has abundant habitats, nature hotspots at various elevations, and climatic conditions that directly contribute to the availability […]

Birds and Wildlife of North Sikkim

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What is Tibetan Plateau? The Tibetan plateau is a highly elevated large land area encompassing approximately 2 million square kilometres that include the autonomous region of Tibet in China, parts of Sikkim and Ladak, a portion of Pakistan, and a portion of Bhutan, among other places. The plateau was formed 55 million years ago when […]

Red Panda of Himalayas

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Master Shifu, the headmaster of the Jade Palace, the Furious Five’s strict instructor, and Po’s mentor, is probably still fresh in your mind from the Kungu Panda film. Master Shifu is a red panda; an adorable, furry little mammal featured in many Himalayan folklores. Because the giant panda is a bear, it stands to reason […]

Top Six Birding Locations In South India

Six birding locations in South India

Where to Go Birding in South India? South India is the most important birding zone in the Indian subcontinent, with 35 highly sought-after endemics. Besides great endemics, there are numerous near endemics in South India, shared only with neighbouring Sri Lanka. South India differs greatly from north India in terms of greenery, culture, and socioeconomic […]